Animal Management Kit

17 Animal Management Kit ‘Puppy Park’ Sam Johnson Reserve, Devon Park South Australia’s first Puppy Park is a purpose built facility exclusively and designed for puppy socialisation, exploration and play. The park is a reasonable sized fenced area, where owners of dogs under 12 months can exercise their dogs safely. Outside of Puppy Park, the remainder of Sam Johnson Reserve is an off lead space for older dogs under effective control. It is important to ensure Puppy Park is utilised for its designed purpose, due to the important role that appropriate socialisation plays in developing happy, health and confident pet members of our community. Keep your puppy’s play sessions at Puppy Park short and well supervised to ensure your puppy is enjoying and actively participating in their play. Socialisation is so much more than just play with other dogs, but Puppy Park provides a great opportunity to play with puppies of similar ages and temperaments. ‘Doggie Land’ Albert Greenshields Reserve, Ridleyton Our newest dog park has been designed to offer two separate areas one for active, and one for passive dogs. The two areas allow dog owners to determine the most suitable location for their dogs’ temperament and play style, while still providing the socialisation and exercise needed for their pet. Doggie Land hosts wonderful signage regarding body language and how to tell if your dog loves the park. It features play equipment including tunnels and hoops, seating, dog wash and a community notice board.